Edinburgh Tournament 2019

4-10 August 2019

The Edinburgh Tournament will be held again this year at Balgreen, where we will have the use of four bowling greens. Every effort will be made by the manager, given sufficient notice, to accommodate requests for leave in order to allow players to attend Festival events. Combined with good tram and bus links from the club to the airport and the city centre, this makes the event an ideal opportunity for a week of sporting and cultural activity.

The tournament includes AC singles class events, AC handicap singles and doubles events and a GC handicap singles event. All enquiries to the tournament secretary. Individual event timings will be published in due course.

Parking is available on site. For those without a car the club has good public transport links. Visitors to Edinburgh will probably find it most convenient to stay near a tram station. Some suggestions for accommodation are:

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available in the pavilion, but we regret that we are unable to provide lunch and players are asked to bring their own.

Important note

We have been striving to combat problems with Lawn 4 at Balgreen but, sadly, it will not be in good enough condition in time for this year’s tournament.

We have had to take the difficult decision to scale back the usual number of events and Events 2 (4+), 4 (14+) and 7 (GC) will not now take place. Those who had already entered one of these events should have been advised. Entries in each of the remaining events will be limited to 12 players or, in the case of the doubles, 24. The remaining places will be allocated on a first-come basis.

Please note that entrants for the doubles will require to be available for the whole day.

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Event Details

Manager: Alan Wilson

Event 1: Open Singles

Trophy: The Cramond Cup
Holder: Alastair Burn-Murdoch
Event Type: Level Advanced AC
Format: Probably American Blocks
Handicap Restriction: Max 20
Entry Fee: See Tournament Conditions

Event 2: Singles

Trophy Ian H Wright Trophy
Holder: Lorna Dewar
Event Type: Level Advanced AC
Format: Probably American Blocks
Handicap Restriction: Min 4
Entry Fee: See Tournament Conditions

Event 3: Handicap Singles

Trophy: Silver Jubilee Salver
Holder: George Plant
Event Type: Handicap Advanced
Format: Probably American Blocks. Advanced with Bisques
Handicap Restriction: Min 8
Entry Fee: See Tournament Conditions

Event 4: Handicap Singles

Trophy: Walter B Laing Cup
Holder: Kathy Brown
Event Type: Handicap
Format: Probably American Block, Full-Bisque (base TBD)
Handicap Restriction: Min 14
Entry Fee: See Tournament Conditions

Event 5: Handicap Doubles

Trophy: 5X: Norton Wright Trophies
5Y: Edinburgh Y Doubles Tankards
Holders: 5X: Lorna Dewar and Alistair Malcolm
5Y: Brian Cosford and John-Paul Moberly
Event Type: Doubles Handicap AC
Format: Knockout and Consolation
Handicap Restriction: Combined handicap 5 or above
Entry Fee: £7.00 per player (students £4.00 per player)
Closing Date: 5 August 2018

Event 6: Handicap Singles Unrestricted

Trophies: 6X: Edinburgh Cup
6Y: Milne Trophy
Holders: 6X: Lorna Dewar
6Y: Brian Cosford
Event Type: Handicap AC
Format: Knockout and Swiss Consolation
Entry Fee: See Tournament Conditions

Event 7: GC Handicap Singles Unrestricted

Trophies: Golf Croquet Trophy
Holder: Bruce Bennet
Event Type: Handicap GC
Format: Probably American Blocks
Entry Fee: £8.00 (students £5.00)
Closing Date: 6 August 2018

Tournament Conditions

  1. Unless otherwise stated the allocation date for all events is 29th May and the closing date is 21st July.
  2. Players may enter only one of Events 1-4.
  3. Entry fees: For events 1,2,3,4 and 6, if entering two events, there is a combined entry fee of £32 or an entry fee of £20, if only entering one. The corresponding fees for students are £16 and £10 respectively.
  4. Players in the AC games will be guaranteed a minimum of two games per day, conditions permitting.
  5. Stated handicap limits may be altered AMD.
  6. Every effort will be made to allow leave in connection with Festival events if the Manager is given early notice.
  7. The Automatic Handicap System will be used in its Scottish form, in which handicap changes occur at the end of each day and the maximum handicaps are 24 for AC and 20 for GC (but players with higher handicaps may enter and play off 24/20).
  8. Play will start at 9.30 each morning and players should be prepared to continue playing until dusk, unless leave has been granted in advance.

Entry Form

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